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Harvest Pilgrimages


Pilgrimage has been popular throughout the ages and among all people. The journey itself becomes a symbol to the pilgrim for the meaning of life, expressing in a physical gesture a deep longing of the soul to find its true destination.

In all of us is an inner desire, an emptiness which longs to be filled, an inner restlessness.

On pilgrimage, time and space seem to collapse. Somehow, as we arrive at the place in question-be it the grotto, the church, the tomb, the marker-we feel ourselves to be nearer to reality, not only in space but in time. And faith would urge that this is not a mere caprice of our emotions. Something real is indeed at work.

Indeed Harvest Pilgrimages is acknowledged as the market leader in terms of pilgrimages to destinations around the world.

Some of the unique inclusions on Harvest Pilgrimages are guaranteed chaplains to spiritually lead your group, private group masses, proven accommodation, authentic guides and a choice of the best airlines in the world to get you there.

Being an Australian pilgrimage operator for over 21 years, Harvest knows first hand what Australian pilgrims require and care every step of the way about your needs.

A pilgrimage is often the journey of a lifetime.

Allow yourself to be guided on this journey by one of Australia's leading and most knowledgeable pilgrimage experts-Mr Ian Maitland. Ian has been in the travel industry for over 25 years and is acknowledged as one of the leaders in his field, not only endorsed, but highly recommended, of course, by Harvest Pilgrimages.

Call Ian on 08 82343511 send an e-mail to for any information on individual or group pilgrimages.